Thursday, 5 February 2009

Get what you want for less.


This content is published here with the permision of the creater of this great site Mr.Tony.

I am using ebay for last three years. Recently I have found a wonderful site which helped me to buy things in ebay for cheap rates. Therefore I decided to share with you with Tony's permission.

"Who Else Wants To Know How To Find, In
4 Easy Steps, Every Misspelled or Mistyped Listing
On eBay, Which Cannot Be Found By Using Any Normal
Search Tool, Therefore Attracting Very Few Bids
By The End Of The Auction?"

What Mr.Tony says:

Hi, I'm Tony the creator of auctionintelligence.com.

I've been involved with eBay since 2003, and since then, I've seen eBay grow into a fantastic marketplace of just about anything you can imagine.

One thing that I noticed by accident in early 2004 was the sheer number of misspelled or mistyped listings, and how these items were being sold for far less than they should have been. On the one hand, you had sellers who were careless in listing their items, and on the other hand, you had buyers who were picking up incredible bargains. Because of this, I developed a simple tool which would enable me to find these bargains in seconds, and I've literally found 1000's of bargains since 2004.

The sheer number of people registering every single day on eBay continues to grow with no sign of slowing down. This is great news for you and I, as it means that there are more and more items available to pick up for next to nothing. With over 200,000,000 registered users, you can only imagine how many 10's of 1000's of misspelled or mistyped listings are being created every single day!

There is absolutely no way that I can personally take advantage of this, which is why I decided to put my simple search tool online for you to use.

If you'd like to watch on screen how I use this tool, please send me your first name and email address using the form on the home page, and you'll get free access to my short online video.

One last thing. As soon as you've found a bargain, I'd be delighted to hear from you. In the meantime, thanks for reading and have some fun with Auction Intelligence.

Please visit Tony's amazing site. http://www.auctionintelligence.com/


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